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And the Ted T. Santon Five Star Team Award Winner is...

Duran Wealth Management- Odyssey Wealth Design

On winning this award:

“The process of applying for this award was a humbling and rewarding experience for every person on the Team. The application itself was an opportunity for us to come together and improve our processes, while at the same time, gain perspective on our collective feedback and results. The application process gave us a deadline to formalize, develop and/or further develop several items for the practice and further defined our belief that the type of culture we create in the office, also extends to our clients. We are honored to be the first recipients of this year’s Ted T. Stanton 5 Star Team Award!”

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How did they do it?

OWD Culture Pyramid 

This pyramid reflects our core values as a practice. It represents what we value about our work ethic, what we value about working with each other and ultimately defines what our Practice culture is. This is the core of everything we do and WHY we do it!

OWD Process Development

 Showcases the process cycle which we follow as we implement different objectives with our clients. Holistic and comprehensive!

OWD Organization Chart 

Showcases that we have resources and support, outside of our immediate practice, to help deliver 5 star service.

Team with Ted T. Santon Award